VaserSmooth Cellulite Treatment Scottsdale, AZ

VaserSmooth Cellulite Treatment Scottsdale, AZ

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Dr. Lille is the first physician in Arizona to introduce a revolutionary new technology for the treatment of cellulite known as VaserSmooth. For the 90% of women who have suffered with the appearance of cellulite, the wait for a “miracle” treatment is finally over thanks to this groundbreaking new procedure. VaserSmooth is a one-time treatment for the appearance of cellulite with long lasting results.

The new VaserSmooth, unlike existing cellulite treatments, is the only technology that treats the core problem of cellulite by releasing the fibrous bands of connective tissue and emulsifying fat cells that cause the skin to pucker giving that “orange peel” appearance of the skin known as cellulite. Once the fat cells are emulsified and the fibrous bands are cut the appearance of cellulite is diminished.

The Procedure

The VaserSmooth procedure begins by making a small incision – the width of a typical pinky fingernail. Next a numbing solution is administered beneath the skin. The VaserSmooth device, which uses ultrasound waves, emulsifies the fat cells and next the fibrous bands causing the appearance of cellulite are released. The VaserSmooth then delivers heat energy resulting in tighter, smoother skin and reducing that “cottage cheese” look. VASERsmooth is a handpiece that attaches to the VASER LipoSelection technology to specifically target and even out the dimply appearance of cellulite. The probes selectively break up fatty tissue while preserving nerves and blood vessels. The fragmented edge of the probe can be used to remove individual septae that form cellulite and cause the unsightly dimpled skin appearance.

After the treatment, most patients can go back to work within the week and are required to wear a compression garment for 2 – 4 weeks. Initial results are noticeable in 1 month and continue to improve.

VASERsmooth versus Cellulaze

When compared to similar anti-cellulite technology called Cellulaze, VASERsmooth is quicker with less downtime and bruising. Dr. Lille believes also that the risk of burns and deep scaring is less with Vasersmooth than Cellulaze.

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