Liposuction for Men Scottsdale, AZ

Liposuction for Men Scottsdale, AZ

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Men may maximize workouts, eat like rabbits and take vitamins like candy and still find that they have those resistant areas around hips, flanks and the abdominal area. If that’s the case, liposuction can be ideal in shaping those extra pads.

Dr. Lille uses Vaser Liposelection, the most advanced in ultrasonic technology. It targets only the fat cells and does not injure other tissue components below the skin. The Vaser is very useful in men who have more fibrous strands below the skin where fat cells can hide. The Vaser liquefies the hard to get to fat and helps tighten the under surface of the skin from the heat generated by the Vaser. Recovery is fast, anywhere from three to five days before returning to work, and you can work out as soon as one to two weeks. Compression garments are worn and the surgery is definitive.

Sample Male Liposuction Patient
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