Male Facelift Scotsdale AZ

Male Facelift Scotsdale AZ

When it comes to keeping men looking youthful and energetic in the board room or having that edge to compete in the interview process for jobs, facelift surgery can bring you to new heights. Facelifts for men should be approached differently than for women. First of all, guys have thicker skin, more hair follicles and blood vessels in their facial skin. Risks and complications can be higher. In addition, hair bearing skin can be brought up to and behind the ears when the skin flaps are pulled back, thereby changing your shaving habits. In addition, Dr. Lille believes that full facelifts have the potential to feminize men and cause their looks to change significantly.

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The adage “less is more” goes a long way in male facial rejuvenation surgeries. Elevating and dissecting large facial skin flaps in full facelifts increases bleeding, swelling and bruising which prolongs recovery. By addressing each aging sign of the face and concealing the scars along facial wrinkles, results can be optimize without increasing risks and downtime.

To achieve this, Dr. Lille concentrates his surgeries on:

  1. Raising the eyebrows by placing incisions in the deep creases of the forehead
  2. Soften the deep creases between the cheek and the mouth area by excising the deep nasolabial crease
  3. Eliminate the turkey gobbler neck by performing a midline Z-plasty necklift, where a zigzag scar is hidden below the chin area. This great procedure tightens neck muscles and removes excess skin and significantly reduces facial jowling.
  4. Fat grafting to cheek areas to provide a scaffold support to the mid-face can really help alleviate the “gaunt” look.
  5. Adding a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) can turn back the clock ten to fifteen years without changing your look. Special attention must be made to the lower eyelid in older males. Conservative approaches using a lateral-pinch lower eyelid lift can avoid the eye-shape changing results of the more aggressive lower eyelid surgeries.

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