For Los Angeles Area Patients

For Los Angeles Area Patients

Get your Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale! As seen on ABC.


Top Doc 2010 – Get great results while saving money! See Dr. Lille’s Before and After Photos here. Dr. Lille is a former Mayo Clinic, board certified plastic surgeon!

Example: Breast Augmentation Cost for you!

Scottsdale Resort Lodging – $100 per night (depending on the season)


Flights from LAX to PHX – $150 per person (estimated)

Total cost for Dr. Lille’s Breast Aug – $3,999*
*Special Los Angeles area rate! Limited Time Only!

Total estimated cost (includes flight tickets for two and lodging) to travel to Scottsdale with Breast Aug procedure – approximately $5,000

Average cost for Breast Aug by a reputable Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles area – $9,000 – $12,000

TOTAL SAVINGS -$4,000 to $7,000!!

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Please send a series of digital photos (straight, side and oblique) to office @ so Dr. Lille can evaluate your features to ensure you are a good candidate for a breast aug.

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Due to Covid-19 now is a good time to schedule an in-office or virtual consultation with Dr Lille. Dr. Lille ulitlizes Zoom to connect with out of town patients and to plan surgeries now when you may have time in your schedule.


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